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Underwater Photography

About Us

We have qualified and passionate divers who are certain to help you improve your diving skills, learn new techniques or just relax and enjoy the underwater world of the Philippines in the best way possible.

With us your diving vacation will be unforgettable and full of new emotions and experiences because we take you to some of the best places for recreational diving in the Sulu Sea and across the Philippines-From Tubbataha Reef national Park where the water is warm and clear, making it such a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying magnificent marine landscapes, Then we take you to the magnificent Island of Palau before we close off your diving experience in the largest coral reef in the Philippines and only the second coral reef in the world-yes, you guessed it right……The Apo Reef!!


Atlantis Azores

If you're looking for a premier diving experience in the pristine waters of Tubbataha, then look no further. Meet the Atlantis Azores, a 108 feet long boat that guarantees a first rate trip experience by any international diving standard.

Stella Maris

This boat is a spacious, full service dive cruiser that will truly be your home away from home for The duration of your trip to Tubbataha. Stella Maris, which translates to 'female protector or guiding Spirit at sea, is aptly fitting to the relaxation and comfort that it offers.