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LiveAboard Asia - Let's get you to the Bottom of the Tubbataha Reef and Back!! Come and explore the beautiful Tubbataha Reef with Us!!
LiveAboard Asia offers you exclusive boat cruises, Tours across the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, Excellent Diving equipment courtesy of our Certified Foreign Divers(Shallow and Deep wreck diving series)complimented by the delicious meals and exotic drinks at our exquisite food cuisine.

With our amenities, you will be forgiven for thinking you are in a world class hotel because that is the exact same atmosphere you will experience when you visit LiveAboard Asia!!

Check out our schedule under the Calendar menu and join our liveaboard diving trips and our charter trips. Experience the best time of your life with LiveAboard Asia as we gladly take you to the most fascinating diversities in the Philippines-Here your journey into the wonderful ocean world begins at the Tubbataha Reef National Park, then we Charter you off to Palau and to the largest coral reef in the country-The Apo Reef Park!!

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Make sure to keep track of our upcoming events to plan well ahead and avoid last minute hustle!!!

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Upcoming Events:

Tubbataha Reef Diving
19 March - 24 March

Introduction to the Tubbataha Reef
During this week we have our grand opening of LiveAboard Asia and as we kick start off our incredible journey into underworld of the ocean, our guests in this week gets to join the orientation program to the remote parts across Tubbataha as part of the special "welcome onboard package".

Paula Diving
26 March - 31 March

Palau is calling...
It's time to escalate our pursuit of the oceanic treasures as we take beyond the borders of the Tubbataha reef all the way to Palau where you can experience nature at its best. Palau is the only reef where you find a combination of culture, diving, history and nature all in one package. As you dive you are guided by the underwater visibility brought forth by the see-through waters bequeath which is beyond anyone’s imagination. Here you get to encounter a prism of colorful coral reefs and virtually limitless variety of sea life set the stage in this tropical paradise.

Coral Reefs
02 April - 07 April

The Largest Coral reef...
Just when you thought you have seen it all, your adventure takes another turn-this time we head to the largest coral reef in the Philippines, yes it is the Apo reef…You have not seen marine life if you have not visited the Apo reef. There is the eye catching soft white sand as well as patches of fine corals which are clearly visible through the crystal blue waters, making it a truly entrancing sight to behold!!