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Charter Trips

Our charter trips are specially for the ‘’Explore by Nature” guests who wish to extent their adventures beyond the borders of the Tubbataha Reef National Park.

In addition to fabulous boat trip on our Boats, Divers and guests have an option to book for a charter trip which takes you to our current two possible destinations namely The Palau and The Apo Reef. This also gives you a chance to go ashore for land visits to places of historical significance across the Philippines.

The Palau Historical Places across Philippines Beach Side View

1. A charter trip to Palau grants you an exclusive lifetime opportunity to see a remote but yet accessible tropical getaway where the delights of the underwater world awaits you in abundance.

The Palau region is found around 650 km towards the south east of the Philippines with a geographical location at the meeting point of 3 of the world's major oceanic currents. This basically means that nutrient-rich water literally flows in from all sides. This fuels an explosion of 700 species of corals and anemones and life exceeding 1,500 species of fish.

Deep beneath the Palau water's surface is a riot of going on various activities. It's a beautiful diverse region where you can expect to see numerous sharks, big schools of fish and pristine reefs. Then there is the famous Jellyfish Lake in which you can snorkel, as well as some very fascinating wrecks to dive to buried at the bottom of the ocean since the World War II era. So as many would happily admit, it’s no wonder that the experience of a live aboard trip in Palau leaves many guests fully convinced that this is indeed a top diving paradise.

Historical MonumentTraditional Dance PhilippinesUnderwater diving Coral Reefsunderwater lifenatural habitat

2. Another possible destination for you on our charter trip is the breathtaking island of Apo Reef.

Apo reef is the largest coral reef in the whole of Philippines and only the second largest and most popular coral reef in the entire world. The Apo National Park has a unique natural phenomenon with high diversity of corals and an island covered with terrestrial vegetation. It also has some of the best visibility and spectacular drop off walls.

And if you are a fan of the fish family, then the Apo reef is the right place for you, with school of trevally, tuna, white and black tip reef shark, and of course the hammerheads, this is the dream for a photographer.

Island of Apo Reef Apo Reef
white and black tip reef shark snorkeling


  • Our charter trips lasts between 2 and 7 days long.
  • The trip is generally suitable to all sorts of people whether children, adults, couples, families, groups as well as single.
  • The prices are only available upon request and depend on the length of the trip, the chosen destination as well as the category of the person so our guest can confidently book the best suitable option for them.
  • With our charter trips, we elevate your adventure into the fascinating ocean world to an unmatchable level of experience by LiveAboard Asia..!!!
Family Enjoying Couple photoshoot Liveaboard Asia snorkeling